This website is not a substitute for professional advice, and the content here is not intended for use in diagnosing, curing, or preventing disease. The site does not employ and is not overseen by medical professionals. Articles and studies listed here are intended solely for personal use and reference.  Although you will find a great deal of information about HE/SREAT on this website, HESA cannot provide medical advice. If you have HE/SREAT, or think you may have it, consult a qualified neurologist,

preferably one with experience addressing immune-mediated illness. 

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Who We Are

Hashimoto's Encephalopathy (SREAT) Alliance

A 501 3(c) not for profit organization for

an autoimmune brain disease

called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy (HE),

a type of autoimmune encephalitis (AE).

What We Do

  • Provide support for patients/caregivers diagnosed
      with HE and those searching for a diagnosis on
      support groups.
  • Provide the latest available information and research
  • Tips & resources to help live with HE
  • Help raise awareness of this disease by writing
      books and
      participating in educational medical symposiums.
  • Donate money towards research.

All proceeds from the HESA store purchases go to projects such as symposium, raising awareness in the medical communities and the hopes for further research on Hashimoto's Encephalopathy and other forms of autoimmune encephalitis.


the FACES of HE



Aliscia Coffer

Diagnosed 2013

While working as a preschool teacher and loving her new job, Alicia began to exibit symptoms such as muscle pain, weakness, cognitive and memory problems. She could no longer work due to her condition.Various new symptoms arose and then she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's encephaloapthy. She improved with her treatments, mobility aids and shares her story online. For more details about Alicia's story check out her blog!

See blog here

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If you have this disorder or know someone with it then you must have this book!

When my daughter was first diagnosed at age three with HE we were lost. I immediately bought this book and it was my survival guide to get through the beginning phases of this diagnosis. It gave me the power as a parent to go in to her doctors appointments knowing about this disorder which afforded me the opportunity to make more knowledgeable decisions for her care. I highly recommend it for patients, families and even our neurologist wanted a copy. It is a must read if you or a family member have this diagnosis.

Grounds For The Greater Good

Medium Ground especially blended for HESA by Bellissimo Cofee Works

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